Finally, Google is saying what I said all along.

Pogo pin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Todays lesson in leak theory*: when a hacker leaves a page open in your web browser regsrding something you have never heard of, never knew existed, and will never … Continue reading

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Notes in re Tailgate party at Starbucks, this day, from approx 6:45 to 9 p.m.

As regards a certain lawyer in San Francisco who said ” we hunt lzards on the internet” followed by “and ten kill them.” I take tese types of comments seriously, … Continue reading

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PAS 4:07 p.m. yesterdsy. 2 of them, one vested, standard black and white, as I wrote about queen Guap. Test results: it takes less than 40 minutes ( I arrived … Continue reading

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IP Tools: AI causes unbearable delays

IP Tools( Network connections Local Address: 2605:e000:8681:fa00:3cb0:bcf7:9990:65d3:47291 Foreign Address: 2607:f8b0:4007:809:: State: CLOSE_WAIT Local Address: Foreign Address: State: CLOSE_WAIT Local Address: 2605:e000:8681:fa00:3cb0:bcf7:9990:65d3:39123 Foreign Address: 2607:f8b0:4007:801:: State: ESTABLISHED Local Address: … Continue reading

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IP Tools: Riverside is the warrantless wiretap capitol of America

IP Tools( IP: Speed: 81 Mbps Frequency: Connection type: WIFI Internal IP: MAC address: 34:BE:00:70:D8:AB Signal: 75% Host: Country: United States Region: California City: Santa Ana Coordinates … Continue reading

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Apt update

Smallish 5’9-11″ white male, blonde, 50’s, 160-170 lbs white w/blue stripes plaid shirt walks in and out several times. Curiously, walks all levels top to bottom, looking at exterior walls … Continue reading

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Timeline: recent events and provocations

1)odd Twitter follows from August 2015-April 2nd event 2016 2) My decision to tell SaFran on the #4033 that I won’t be bullied, harassed, or set up again- that the … Continue reading

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The guy moved out.

Today, I lost another neighbor- the guy in apartment G moved out. Like the woman across the yard last year- my neighbors move out shortly after I write about them. … Continue reading

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Secrets in the hills

I remember reading a story about a weird old guy who hid things in the hills. I read it in the newspaper-must be the whole story, right?(…) I read that … Continue reading

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Timeline, general, specifics elsewhere

In re the brighting of/around April 02, 2016 March-April 2016 1) I finally vocalized/ officially wrote about the good guys in Apartment G (SWAT affilIated. And in fairness, the primary … Continue reading

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